Combat Wisdom Tooth Pain Over the Counter

When it comes to wisdom tooth pain relief, there are many different remedies floating around out there on the Internet, some of which are extremely useful while others aren’t quite so much. Wisdom teeth are notorious for causing pain and discomfort, in addition to potentially damaging other teeth and even the overall health of the patient. While some people require emergency surgery, the majority of patients will have to deal with the pain and other issues for a little bit of time before getting it removed. This means dealing with the pain in the mean time, but the good news is that there are several different treatments or remedies that can help ease the pain during this time.

One of the most obvious choices is with pain relievers. You might be able to get some prescription pain relievers, but most likely you’ll be stuck with the non prescription strength choices until you see a medical professional. While aspirin and Tylenol might jump to mind, these should actually be avoided and replaced with Advil or Aleve, which better deal with that type of pain and have less potential side effects.

If these options aren’t strong enough, there’s always the option of picking up an over the counter anesthetic. There aren’t many, but benzocaine is an example of one, which can be very useful if there is damage to the surface of the tooth or major cavities. This will help to numb the area and make the pain bearable until the problem tooth can be removed. These are all medicinal options so far, but if you prefer a more natural or home remedy type of approach, there are several options in this field, as well.

The first is simply a preventative measure: avoid overly sweet or overly cold food or drink. Any time you have teeth issues, they’re going to become more sensitive to these two factors so avoiding them is an easy way to help reduce pain or other issues. You can also rinse your mouth with warm saltwater to help reduce the sensitivity of the area and swelling, which means less pain. The other odd home remedy is apricot brandy. While many different variations have some type of hard liquor, many home remedies insist the apricot brandy (warm, no ice) works the best by far for some reason. Drink it warm, swish it gently around the painful tooth, and repeat for a degree of blessed numbness.

Finally, the obvious end solution is to get the wisdom teeth removed. If there’s pain, this is going to have to happen at some point and it’s better to get it out of the way early if at all possible as opposed to waiting and letting it get worse or even risking the chance of infection. While these other medications and remedy can definitely provide wisdom tooth pain relief, the only way to solve the problem completely is by removing the offending teeth. This might not sound appealing, but the alternatives are all far worse, and once the wisdom teeth are removed that’s the end of the problem.

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